I’m New. What Can I Expect?

For just a moment, forget everything you’ve ever thought of when it comes to church. Instead, try to picture a community of people who are helping one another discover God’s purpose and plan for their lives. They work together, laugh together and encouraging one another through the challenges of life. Now imagine you are one of them, these are your friends and this is your story.

This is Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church!

We are looking forward to meeting you soon! If we have missed something or you still have questions, let us know!

What’s the Sunday Schedule?

8:15 am – Traditional Service, Main Sanctuary
9:45 am – Life Group Bible Studies and Children and Youth Groups
10:45 am – Contemporary Service, Main Sanctuary

Your Building Is Huge. How Will I Find My Way Around?

Visitor Parking is reserved in upper lot. Our First Impressions Team is waiting to welcome you and show you what makes Mt. Pleasant so special! Their goal is to reduce the stress of being in a strange place for the first time. They will help you feel at home, answer your questions and help you find your way.

What Are Your Sunday Services Like?

Awesome, Inspiring and Challenging! Let’s face it, we’ve got a lot of competition–you might consider going to the lake, the golf course, doing yardwork or better yet, just sleeping in. That’s why we work hard to make your Sunday morning experience the best time of your week! Our two services are uniquely different to engage your heart and mind in a faith experience that will challenge you and change you. That’s our mission.
8:15 am – Our Traditional Service is built around favorite hymns that speak to us of those timeless values, prayers and promises that have inspired believers throughout the centuries and still today connect us to deep spiritual unity.
10:45 am – The Contemporary service is alive with engaging music with a melody and message that will move your heart and soul to a place where God can speak to you personally. You may even find yourself singing, humming or tapping these songs all week long. We believe variety is a spice worth celebrating.
The messages from our pastor will inspire, energize and challenge how you see God, yourself and your future. Our Sermon Notes provide an easy way to engage the Scriptures and remember key points for further reflection at home. Sermons are available on-line.

Is There Anything For My Children?

Of course, they are our youngest disciples! We offer creative, exciting programs for kids from newborns through high school including very creative, high-energy times of worship designed for each age groups. Check out the KidzMatter pages for more detailed information about what is available for all kids, no matter what their age.
By the way, we have Youth Activities you might be interested in.

How Will I Find A LifeGroup?

Take a look at our LifeGroup class selections. That will give you some idea as to where you might want to go. On Sunday, stop by the Welcome Centers in the Main Lobby for information about what’s happening. A Welcome Team member can show you a listing of current Sunday Bible studies, including a map of where each one is located. We want to get you connected!Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your visit before your visit!

Visitor Survey

There’s really too much at stake to take it for granted that we’re doing as good as we can. We would greatly appreciate your feedback about what you experienced during your visit, our friendliness factor, worship experience, communication, ease of navigating in a new place, and anything else you can think of. Thank you for helping us see what we can’t, who we really are through the eyes of a visitor!