Journey to Zimbabwe

Day 1
8000 miles from home.  Tonight we are staying at a hotel in Harare, the capitol of Zimbabwe.  It was a long journey, and we are thankful to have arrived safely.  We will be picked up in a “combi” in the morning for the 4 hour drive to Old Mutare.  
On our 17 hour flight from Washington DC to Johannesburg South Africa there were people of many different races and different languages.  Sitting next to me was a United Methodist pastor who currently lives in Oklahoma!  He is originally from South Africa and was going home for a visit.  Even more amazing–he and Jeff will both be attending a global missions conference in Atlanta Georgia in December.  I did not begin to talk with him until the end of the trip, and wished I had initiated a conversation earlier.   
I initiated a conversation with with the young man beside me early into the second flight from Johannesburg to Hurare.  He was going home to see his family, and had not been home in 5 years.  His brother was picking him up, and he was surprising his parents.  He said he was anxious.  A modern day prodigal son come home?  I pray he has a wonderful visit with his family.  
Interesting observations from the day…there’s no coffee stands in the airport in Johannesburg!  There’s complimentary insect repellant lotion at our hotel!   When we arrived in Hurare there were few lights, and it is a big city.  The airport was dimly lit.  The electric here is unreliable….we take so much for granted!   
Thank you you for your prayers.  I can feel them.  Our journey will continue tomorrow!  
God is good!