Surprised by Christmas

Christmas is yet another invitation to see life differently. To be surprised by a new, unpredictable plot twist, to see the world from a cosmic perspective and be elevated beyond the daily rush and grind, to the level of an archangel. What a rare privilege indeed! As Christians we need to be reminded that there’s more happening, a lot more, behind the obvious and the expected. After all…

A traveling rabbi may be more than just a rabbi.

An unexpected pregnancy may be more than just an inconvenience or embarrassment.

Maybe your job, boring though it is, will meet with the Creator of the universe today.

Maybe that annoying, homeless wackjob on the corner wearing goatskins really does have something rather profound to say to us.

Maybe those wandering immigrants, either from South America or the Far East, know far more about God’s plan than we do.

The Christmas story is a strange one to be sure, and certainly not one we would have created. For those who lived it, it obviously really didn’t make sense at all. Which is exactly why it can give you hope when your story doesn’t make sense either. Maybe when we understand their story a bit better, we’ll understand ours.

This year I invite you to see Christmas with different eyes…with Fresh Eyes. Because how you see Christmas, changes how you’ll see everything else.

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Steve Gedon