Why Mt Pleasant?

The Three Most Important Questions

(1) Why Jesus?
(2) Why Church?
(3) Why THIS church?
Why Mt Pleasant? Of all the churches, charities and community organization, why do I HIGHLY recommend checking out Mt Pleasant United Methodist Church? Well…
It’s all about Jesus. There many organizations that appeal to the needs, wants and desires of a consumer culture, and to be honest some churches do too. Not so here! People here expect to be challenged, confronted and changed by the life of Jesus. Thomas Merton once said that “If you find God with ease, perhaps it is not God you have found.” Our purpose is to know the Real Jesus not just the socially acceptable version because the Real Jesus makes us a better human being! This church is about becoming more like Jesus!
We are a joyful bunch! Have you ever been to a church that was so stuffy and stiff that even the songs refused to be joyful?  Not so here! The spirit is so alive it awakens the soul to God’s Presence. It’s not at all uncommon for someone to be so moved by the Spirit that they share a deeply personal story of brokenness, healing and renewal with tears of joy. It’s liberating! Someone once said the laughter is good medicine. If that’s true, then we’re the healthiest people around! Sunday worship isn’t a burden here, it’s a gift because church is celebration of life not a requiem of the past.
We have a creative character that thrives on big dreams. I find that some church are becoming so frightened by future trends, financial hardship, and an aging population they have forgotten what “Immanuel” means and are hunkering down in survival mode. Not so here! People here know they have been called by God to face the future and they’re up to the challenge. It is the challenges we face, the mountains that we climb, the controversies that we confront that push us to live beyond our fears. We believe that if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. The greater the challenge the greater the joy we experience in overcoming it. We have a Big God doing big things and we want to get on with it. Faith makes all things possible. Love makes them easy, and we love what we’re doing! So bring it on!
We are a generous church. While getting the everyday bills paid takes careful planning and sometimes requires doing things ourselves, we will not sacrifice or scrimp on the mission, sharing Jesus beyond our walls. We do not allowed fear to overcome faith, doubt to drain our determination or criticism to kill our commitment. We overflow with generosity when we feed more than 100 children weekly or 30+ families from the food pantry monthly or rebuild lives after a flood. Being known as “The Generous Church” however, is a huge responsibility. We will never stop reaching out as long as there is one person who needs the love of Jesus Christ and a shoulder to lean on.
We are a church filled with opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Henry David Thoreau once wrote that “most people live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with a song still in their heart.” Not so here! People are engaged in learning, loving and leading others to Jesus. We see ordinary people doing the most extraordinary things with passion and purpose. Study groups gather to feed the mind, grow relationships and stir the spirit. We build faith partnerships of mutual cooperation and responsibility as we grow together. Luke captures this experience best, “were not our hearts burning within us as he opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32 We have so much for which to be thankful in this church – so much to lift up in grateful praise, and so much of God’s blessings to release to a skeptical world. It’s hard to contain my enthusiasm! But it is in our thankful response to these blessings that makes
This Church the perfect place to use your time, grow your talents and invest your treasure in order to change the world and yourself.
Why this church? Because we’re changing the way people think about church, and themselves!

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