Zimbabwe 2018 Day 4 & 5

Sunday October 28, Day 5

 We attended the church service at the Old Mutare Mission church.  The service was 2 1/2 hours long.  The choir had been to a chorale competition for church choirs and won first place out of almost 200 participating choirs.  The music was beautiful.  The sermon was in Shona, and interpreters helped us to understand.  Two young ladies had just returned from a conference on empowering women, and spoke to the congregation briefly about it.  There was a lot of singing, and dancing, and everyone actively participated.  It was a blessing!


 After the service, we were invited to lunch, along with a family that had just joined the church.  The church treated us to a sandwich, cake and a soda.  The hospitality is amazing here.  


 In the afternoon we went to Fairfield.  We set up one of the solar cookers we had purchased and brought with us.  We started with heating water, and it worked well.  We are going to cook potatoes and try making bread later in the week.  The cooker attracted several people who were curious  what it was.


 Jeff and Steve met with the two maintenance men to discuss possible projects for the week.  I played with children during this time.  There were several students from Africa University known as the “Fairfield buddies” who had come to play with the children.  They played group games and brought the children chips (French fries) and an orange soda.  Several of the children came over to me and were content to hold my hand or lean against me.  Two young boys discovered my phone and quickly discovered a tennis game I had and started to play.  


 Monday October 29, Day 5

 At breakfast we saw Rogers, a second year student a time Africa University who has a scholarship from the WV United Methodist church Conference.  He just happened to be wearing a WVU shirt he had been given by a mission team In Kenya.  An awesome young man with a touching story.  He is studying agriculture and plans to return to Kenya to farm.
 We then met with the Vice Chancellor of Africa University.  The University is adding courses with a plan to eventually add a medical school.  Students attend from all over Africa.
 Next we met with the hospital administrator of Old Mutare mission hospital.  She faces incredible challenges.  There are frequent power outages lasting as long as three days.  There are several problems with water supply.  With the current inflation in the country and the shortages it is difficult to find food to feed the patients.  When we met with the nursing matron we discovered that I have as much or more medical supplies with me than they have in the whole hospital.  I plan to donate a otoscope, ophthalmoscope and pulse oximeter given to me by my nurse practitioner co-worker Tammy Crookshanks.  I will be able to give them 2 stethoscopes, a blood pressure cuff, thermometer, blood sugar meter with lancing device, strips and lancets, gloves, alcohol swabs, and hand sanitizer.  It is so sad that they have so little supplies.
 In the afternoon we went to Old Mutare to shop for supplies for several projects.  On the way I saw two primates along the road…I am unsure what type….but it was amazing!!  The car barely made it up the hill, so the first place we stopped was an auto repair shop.  Luckily it was a simple fix with a new spark plug.
 We treated Cecillia to lunch.  The guys went to hardware stores looking for the supplies needed for their work, but there were many things they could not find.  Cecillia and I purchased some medicine for one of the children, then went to grocery stores.  The first store had no bread, flour or cooking oil.  Right now these staples are difficult to find, and everything is very expensive.  A snickers candy bar was $3.19.  A box of tissues was $7.15.  We were able to find some flour at the next store,  but still no cooking oil.  Both of us purchased a small bag of flour, since the limit was one.  We purchased baby formula, and Cecillia had to plead with the store manager to buy several cans…since the limit was one.  The check-out lines were very long.   There is a gasoline shortage and many gas lines.  Several gas stations are out of fuel.
 Please pray that we can find supplies to do repairs needed.   Pray for the economic crisis to resolve.  Please pray that we can be Jesus’ hands and feet.  

 “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.”  Proverbs 3:27

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