What Kind of Church is This?

The following question posted on Facebook recently:: “What is your church known for in its community?” Within a few minutes of being posted, many responses came forth. After sifting through all the comments and criticisms of church, three patterns began to emerge…

About one-half of the churches are known for ministries that require the community to come to the church itself. Great preaching. Incredible worship services. A friendly church. Great events at the church. How our members care for one another. You get the picture. These are all great responses, but they require the community to come to the church. If community members do not set foot on the church’s campus, they will never know about the ministries of the church. For the majority of the churches, the idea of community ministry is “you come to us.”
About one-fourth of the churches cited great ministries in and to the community. Partnering with schools in the community. Serving the community with food and clothes. Medical and dental ministries. Ministries to families, parents, and children in the community. The list goes on and on. It was exciting to read how many churches demonstrate their love for their community by actually going into the community. The focus was “we come to you…”
About one-fourth of the churches said they were known for negative reasons. Preacher-eater churches. Congregational fights and splits. Legalism. Unfriendliness. One church leader said his church was known for two murders that occurred a few years apart on the church site. Ouch. The focus was “we come for ourselves…”
Of course that makes me wonder, how would people in our community describe Mt Pleasant and how would we describe ourselves? What do you think?