Youth ministry exists to help students transform their homes, schools,

community and the world by embracing their Divine Design,

Building Courageous Community, and Unleashing Compassion.


A Vision – to inspire youth to know and trust God in all aspects of life, and to develop leaders who combine faith with creativity into action.

A Voice – to building confidence to accept, develop and share who they are and who God created them to be.

An Adventure– to move beyond the superficial to discover the spectacular by serving, sharing and giving themselves to a noble purpose.

How do we engage a new generation filled with questions in the midst of the most turbulent time in their lives and, without dictating the answers to them, equip them to discover and therefore own the answers for themselves?

The reality is that most young people experience life in a hyper-competitive world where looks, grades, relationships and athletic ability is what defines how they value themselves. This world leaving many of our youth scarred, addicted and used when all they wanted was acceptance. We partner with parents to restore confidence in the God of Second-Chances, build courageous leaders who are emotionally and spiritually healthy, and compassionate enough to find true joy in helping others.