Sunday, September 8, 2019 - Children Matter!

Today, we celebrated our children and our Kid's First ministry! Kids First encompasses all the kid's ministries of Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church. At Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church, our motto is "There are no ordinary kids!"

We believe that God has amazing plans for your kids, not just when they grow up, but right now! That’s why we believe every kid has a future worth fighting for. When kids see God for who He is, they’ll trust what He says about who they are. Our desire is to work alongside our parents to connect kids to Jesus as they discover God’s world in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

We want to SHOW kids how amazing it is to follow Jesus, not just tell them they should. We want children to KNOW God, not just know about church, and we want our kids to have VALUES to guide them, not just schedules that will control them.​

Here at Mt. Pleasant, we have a lot of fun learning about God. We are always looking for ways to put our kids first, whether it's our programming or events, etc - we always try to make them feel loved.

Children are already vulnerable to a scary world. As they grow up, they tend to lose that sense of wonder. When they're small, they see the world as great!

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 9.38.05 PM.png

Everything is to explore and discover! However, as a child moves toward adolescence, their sense of wonder and adventure dissipates as the world weighs on them. They tend to get teased in school, and if not teased in school, they see their peers teased.

Once they reach adolescence, they have learned to be hidden and self-protective. Have you ever seen a classroom of eighth graders? Try and ask them a question, and see if anyone puts their hands in the air. Adolescence is tough because they have had to learn to be guarded instead of open - all to protect the self from judgment and harm.

If we look at children and their energy for life, we can use the metaphor of a battery. Kids start out with a full battery. However, as they mature into adolescence, that battery drains. Think about your phone. What do you do when your phone is dying? You charge it, right? There are some of us out there who even charge our phones before our battery begins to die! Using this metaphor, we need to be proactive in charging that battery. Because when children's love and energy for life runs low, they won't wait for us to give them a charge. They will find something that recharges themselves on their own, and what they fill their lives with might not necessarily be good.


​So how do we do this? Children need mentors - someone outside the home - someone not a parent, but not a peer - someone to guide them in that right direction, and help them to fill their lives with good and wholesome things.

At Mt. Pleasant, we come alongside kids to mentor them into lives that are abundant instead of apathetic - meaningful instead of mundane. This is what we celebrated today.

If you feel the calling to work with Kids First, contact us at!