Begin Your Journey

Begin your Journey!

In the church, Baptism is how we begin. Baptism is a gift from God. It is the initiation into the family of God. It is our birth certificate from God. Baptism is God sealing the deal with us as children of God.

Before a child is adopted, that child is already loved by the parents and the rest of the family and is already "part of the family" emotionally. The real adoption happens when the family is in the court room and the papers get signed. The child receives a new birth certificate and everyone goes home in celebration.

In the family of God, we are loved prior to our baptisms. For us, the act of baptism is God sealing the deal. It is the official hearing. We are making a public announcement of our faith and we are telling the world and God that we are all in. It is also God telling us and the world that he's all in too and that he is claiming us as His children.

​From our baptism comes our call into ministry. Thats right. Your call into ministry. Everyone is called into ministry. Whatever your ministry--that is up to God. When we think about the word, "ministry," we often think of pastors or ministers. However, ministry takes all kinds of different forms. As baptized Christians, we are all called into ministry of some form.

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