It’s been said that human beings can live 40 days without food, three days without water, three minutes without air, but not one second without faith. Faith is what pulls you into the future. Faith is what gets you up in the morning. It helps you learn from the past and then reach out and grasp that abundant life we’ve been searching for our whole lives. Faith is what tells you that you were made for more than just paying bills and getting by; for more than just climbing ladders or trying to impress the neighbors. Faith reminds us that there is this amazing God who created you for something special, even though at times you may not feel like it. Simply put, we believe that we were made for more and as a community, we’re bound and determined to live like it.

This is Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church and my name is Steve and as the pastor here my purpose is to help people just like you find this better life. So what would this life really look like? Well, I think you’ll find a caring community filled with hope and laughter and a fresh perspective on life—a place where living like Jesus brings out the best in all of us. And where ordinary people just like you learn to serve and give joyfully in ways they never imagined possible. You see, for us, church isn’t just a place that you go; it’s about who you become. So if you believe that you were made for more too and you’re looking for a place to reconnect with faith and God, I believe you’ve come to the right place. Welcome! This is Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church.