Belong to something bigger than yourself

A good question to ask yourself is why Mt. Pleasant UMC? How is being a member here different from being a member at another church? Or, even different from being a member at a community organization, like the Lion's Club, or Rotary?

At Mt. Pleasant UMC, we believe you were Made for More than the day in and day out that most of life has to offer. We believe you were even made for more than just Sunday mornings.

Belong to something bigger!

We firmly believe you were made to love and be loved and made to  go on this grand adventure of faith, to which all of us God has called.

Have you ever felt that life is just getting you down? Or, have you felt that real life is slipping away from you or passing you by? All of us have an inner sense of call. All of us have that deeper longing for something... We may not be able to put our finger on it at first.

That deeper longing is for God. That deeper longing is what tells us that you were Made for More. If this is your experience, then come talk to us. We would love to hear from you. Membership at Mt. Pleasant UMC means not only acknowledging that deeper longing and that inner call, but it means addressing it in ways that bring all of us closer to God and closer to who we are called to be.

Want to talk? Contact us.