21 Days of Christmas - Day 5

All mankind will fear; they will proclaim the works of God and ponder what he has done. Psalm 64:9  

Christmas is Ponder

While it is important, even critical, to slow down during Christmas, it should be used to gain understanding of the why and wherefore of everything that is happening. It should be a time when we hit the pause button in life. A time to slow down and reflect, to stop, think and ruminate over the meaning of it all. Christmas demands our attention and invites us to be part of something bigger. And yet it requires effort to dig beneath the tinsel, blinking lights and newspaper circulars. A time to look back to gain a perspective of where we've been before we consider moving forward. That’s what Mary did. In response to the shepherds’ declarations concerning the events of that night, “...Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

pon·der  (pndr)  To weigh in the mind, to reflect or consider with thoroughness and care.

She meditated. She deliberated. Mary had a secret in her heart that would not make sense for many years.  She kept and contemplated their meanings and significance. She was not afraid to ask why. She assigned value and worth to the moment and tucked it away in her heart like a precious jewel. Slow down this holiday season. Don’t let yourself or your family get so busy with presents and parties that you have no time left to ponder. Be intentional and make time to simply reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Get alone with God. Spend time in prayer. Spend time in His Word. Rediscover the treasure that is the Savior.

 “Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways.”  Stephen Vincent Benét
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