25 Days of Advent - Angel

Angel by Amanda Eagle

When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be an angel. I dreamed of what Heaven would be like, and I wanted to be loved by God enough that He would choose me to be an angel for Him when I get there. I imagined that I would be an angel with wings and thought it would be so fun to fly around in Heaven. I also thought it would be such a great job to get to come back to Earth and watch over people and help them. As an adult, I realize that angels are more than how I pictured them as a child. To be honest when I consider the angels of the Bible and their interaction with us here on Earth, I get chills. I think the spiritual world is one that we grossly take for granted. Angels are known for being spiritual beings who help carry out God’s work on Earth. They “bring God’s messages to people (Luke 1:26), protect God’s people (Daniel 6:22), offer encouragement (Genesis16:7), give guidance (Exodus 14:19), carry out punishment (2 Samuel 24:16), patrol the Earth (Zechariah 1: 9-14), and fight the forces of evil (2 Kings 6: 16-18; Revelation 20: 1, 2).” (Life Application Study Bible, footnotes p1526)

Can you imagine being Mary? Joseph? The shepherds? When they were confronted by an angel, they were frightened. Although in each instance, some of the angels’ first words were “do not be afraid,” followed by an important message that needed to be communicated clearly from God. God wanted to help them understand something that would be mind-blowing for them to perceive. Do we experience interactions with angels, these days? I believe we do. Maybe not in the “heavens open and we hear them singing a hallelujah chorus” kind of way. However, God communicates with us in various ways through the holy spirit and his army of angels and that is endearing to me. The God of the universe is intimately involved in our lives and cares enough to influence us through His spiritual beings!

I may not be able to be an angel “when I grow up,” but as I ponder the work of the angels,” I am inspired. What an honor to get to aid in God’s will being done; working for Him, building and protecting His kingdom. I want to do my part and share the “good news” like the angels do: BOLDY, CONFIDENTLY, LOVINGLY, while I am here on Earth! May this Christmas season remind us of all that God does for us each and every day and inspire us to serve Him by sharing GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY FOR ALL PEOPLE!

Read Luke 1:26- 2:10.

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