25 Days of Advent - Joy

Joy by Charlotte Valentine

There are so many things in life that bring us joy. At Christmas time, even with all the hustle and bustle of the season, I think everyone has all kinds of things to be joyful about. I always get a lot of joy looking at Christmas decorations. This year I helped give out candy canes, dog treats and take up donations for Holiday in the Park at the City Park with my sister, Elaine, my nephew Alex, his girlfriend, Gillian and her sister Juliet. I have always enjoyed driving around the park and seeing the light displays..but this year, by helping out, it brought a completely different joy. It was great seeing all the people (with and without children) driving around the park looking at the light displays, stopping to get candy canes (and treats for their dogs that they brought with them) and us wishing each one of them a Merry Christmas. It was so uplifting! Each time I said Merry Christmas to all the people we saw, it reminded me that it is also the reason for the season--celebrating the birth of Jesus. Saying Merry Christmas is just one way of telling everyone what this season truly is all about...celebrating His birth and the wonderous things He will do for us. Celebrating that He is with us continuously, He never leaves us, He hears our prayers, He answers our prayers. The greatest joy in our lives is having Christ in our life.

Psalm 66:1-5

Shout for joy to God, all the earth! 2 Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious. 3 Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds! So great is your power that your enemies cringe before you. 4 All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing the praises of your name.”

5 Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!

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