25 Days of Advent - Rejoice

Rejoice! - Amanda Eagle

Rejoice! You can’t really write that word without an exclamation point. Rejoice means to feel or show great joy or delight; to give joy to. There are many things that can bring us happiness in life. When I recently asked my grandmother what brings her perfect happiness, she eloquently and vividly described watching sunrises that bring life to a new day, watching sunsets with birds flying in to settle in their nests for the close of the day, the warm ocean breeze on a summer’s day, snuggles by a puppy, watching grandchildren grow, a fresh blanket of snow and time together with family and friends sharing a meal together…to name a few. Let’s face it those are all some wonderful experiences in life, but we just don’t get them enough! My grandmother so wisely concluded by saying she doesn’t think there is “perfect” happiness here on earth; that will come “when we reach our ultimate goal of life eternal with Jesus.” That is something to REJOICE about!

While here on Earth, it is difficult, maybe impossible, to spiritually REJOICE without an understanding of God’s tremendous power and gracious love, or without the ability to be thankful. For me to REJOICE, is to FREELY express love and thankfulness to God for being with me regardless of my circumstances!

This little snowman sits on my kitchen counter with the manger scene and Christmas tree in the background. I can’t help but be reminded each morning upon seeing his sweet smile and arms raised to the heavens that I have so much to be praising God for EVERYDAY, NOT just on the “good” days.

The creator of the universe sent His son to live on this earth WITH us to interact with us and experience what we experience, so that He could demonstrate how much He loves us intimately. He loves us so much that he died for us a horrible death. No matter what we have done or not done, no matter how far we wonder away from Him or the things we have done to hurt Him, he understands, he forgives, and he LOVES us. THAT is the reason I am able to REJOICE – show delight- in Him even on hard days. I can be thankful and it feels great to love Him back by rejoicing that I have Him to lean on.

Psalm 150: 6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Dear God, Thank you for Christmas; for sending your son to earth to be with us. Thank you for this wonderful time of year to REJOICE and celebrate your love for us! Amen.

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