25 Days of Advent - Stillness

Stillness by Elaine Cappadona

Stillness is defined as the absence of movement or sound. But, why is stillness so elusive to us? The modern world we live in is full of constant stimulation. So, even when our bodies are still, our minds are continually racing.

My favorite Christmas tradition is the singing of Silent Night at the Christmas Eve service. The church is darkened, the candles are lit and we sing that carol through until only our voices are lifting those words up to God. You can feel the stillness and unity in your soul. I’m always struck by the quiet stillness in the world after that service. The stores are closed, everyone is in their homes and a quiet peace settles over us. (Listen to Stille Nacht (Silent Night) by Mannheim Steamroller).

I took this picture the morning of our first snowfall. As I was leaving for the hospital early in the morning, I stopped and was captivated by the quiet stillness of nature as designed by God’s Hand. In that moment, I stilled my heart and praised God for His wonderful blessings.

Read Psalm 46

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