Adventus: Beginnings

Day 1: “Beginning” We all know the first verse in the Bible “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and Earth”. God also created man, since the very first sin in the Garden of Eden, man and woman have and will always be imperfect. For our sins, God sent his only son (Jesus) to suffer and die in the cross for our sins, the sins of the world. With the crucifixion of Jesus also came a promise of eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. No sin or act can take away this promise. This promise is the Reward for all true Christians.

Advent comes from the Latin work “Adventus” which means “Coming”. The time of Advent represents the time in history before the birth of Jesus and is the time of preparation for his birth and our true beginning in our walk in faith with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Beginning to us means the new beginning that we all need as imperfect humans, even imperfect Christians. We all fail, throughout our walk as Christians. We all need a new beginning at times. With our busy lives, we lose sight of the promise, and forget what it truly means to be a Christian and what is expected of us every day as true believers and followers of Christ. Part of being a true Christian and meeting our expectations of us as such is being true to ourselves. What did God have planned for us? We cannot be true to ourselves if we do not lay our burdens at the feet of the cross and give it all up to Jesus Christ in faith. The word “beginning” represents “day one” and not “just one day”. This Advent our goal for ourselves and our prayer for us all is that throughout this Advent season, as we all prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the beginning of our story as Christians is that we will lay down our burdens, that we truly forgive those who have hurt or burdened us and on the day of the birth of our savior we will Begin our new walk. We hope that each of us this advent season will prepare for day one, the beginning of a new year and a renewed faith. We wish and pray for each of us to lay down our burdens, ask for and accept God’s forgiveness, forgive yourself, forgive each other, give it all up to Him, and spend this next year rediscovering who we really are and who God intended us to be. Remember the excitement we all had as kids, looking toward the future and the hopes and dreams we all had as we found ourselves. With humble and thankful hearts, make this Christmas and the end of Advent our new beginning with Jesus Christ right in the middle of who we are and who we will become.

The Ritchie’s

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