ADVENTUS - Faithful

As I scrolled down through the list of words that were assigned, my initial reaction was that FAITHFUL was on of the most challenging words or concepts in the entire line up. However, with further reflection, my sentiments shifted to being grateful for this assignment and caused me to wonder to what extent that God knew that this was a focus, important for me.

One of the highlights of a family trip out west when I was 14 was a planned day stop at Yellowstone National Park and witnessing the mystical magic of the geyser Old Faithful. How majestic and spiritual it is to witness that aspect of God's creation. How predictable, how dependable and how constant. Although thinking about God as Old Faithful seems to trivialize HIS Lordship, nevertheless, the theme and the message of the biblical story is the faithfulness of God. Both the old and New Testament are loaded with the stories and examples of the faithfulness of God to his people. Indeed, this Advent season, we celebrate God's faithfulness in keeping his promise to send the Messiah.

But being faithful is a two way street. God calls me (us) to be faithful also:

Faithful to God's call and will for our lives.

Faithful to God's desire for us to make disciples.

Faithful to those we are about and love.

Faithful to those we are difficult to love.

During this Advent Season, my personal journey has provide me with increased insight in the faithfulness of God: We can count on Him, we can depend on Him and we can trust Him. Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord unto me!

~ Jim Yoder

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