When I started thinking about the word giving, I was reminded of a story I heard at a conference a few years ago.

Leigh Anne Tuohy, the mother portrayed in The Blind Side movie, told a story of bring with her adopted son Michael Oher. They were driving in a tough neighborhood after one of Michael’s NFL games and came upon a person on a corner asking for money. Mrs. Tuohy slowed down and rolled down the window to give this person some money. Michael told his mother not to stop and the person was probably just fine and scamming people for cash. Leigh Anne handed the man the money and rolled up the window. She turned to Michael and said something along the lines of…it is not up to me to decide if a person needs help. I’m going to give what I can, always. I will answer to God one day, so will the man begging for money.

This story has stuck with me and hopefully always will. I pray that this Christmas season we all try to be generous, non judging, givers and let the Lord sort out the needs. I also hope we all remember the greatest gift of all. Jesus.

~ Maria Francisco

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