When I first saw the email inviting me (and many more) to contribute to this Advent Word of the Day, I thought sure, that sounds easy, but then I saw the word I was assigned, and thought differently. Wow – Grace has various meanings in the Oxford language. It can be a noun or a verb. Oxford defines Grace as “simple elegance or refinement of movement” – noun, and to “do honor, or credit to someone or something by one’s presence” - verb.

As I reflect on the word and think back a few years. My older brothers would jokingly call me Grace when I had done something clumsy. Or when showing up late to meet up with friends, they would bow and thank me for gracing them with my presence. Another one, is waving a car over into my lane after they sped by me when they clearly saw the lance closure sign. Not sure the last one is worthy of the word grace if I was grumbling and gritting my teeth all the while.

Seriously though, when I think about Grace during this Advent season it goes much, much deeper. The true meaning of Grace is a spontaneous gift from God to people, that is generous, free, and totally unexpected and undeserved. His son Jesus was given to us that Christmas morning. What better gift to receive than the promise of salvation? It was bought and paid for by God’s son Jesus.

If you want to feel what Christmas is truly about, accept the true Grace from God… it’s free!!!!

~ Ann Fallon

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