“Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” - Andy Stanley

When given the word “Mary” for reflection, the above quote by Andy Stanley was the first thing that came to mind. This word (Mary) is also fitting, as I was blessed to become a new mother once again this season. This photo shows the first time I held my newborn and became a mother for the third time, accepting a new role as this child’s mother.

Mary makes me think of the word “mother” as Mary is the ultimate definition of the sacrifice of being a mother and surrender of herself for the purpose of God’s kingdom. Being a mother takes a selfless love and complete trust in God for His purpose in you.

In Luke chapter 1 verses 26-33 the angel tells Mary of God’s plan for her. The two statements from Mary are what stands out to me about this passage.

1. In verse 34 Mary asks “how can this be?”

When Mary asks “how can this be?”, in my mind, I think she is in disbelief that she is worthy of this task and why she was chosen for this instead of someone else. I cannot count how many times have I have wondered this exactly: “How can this be?” Or “Why me Lord...what have I done to deserve this blessing?” Even through trials, God has chosen us for those difficult times just has he has chosen us for the blessings.

2. In verse 38 when Mary says Your will be done in me; I am Yours.

I think this type of willingness and readiness for the Lord only comes when you have the confidence in your own relationship with Christ so that you can fully accept his map for your life and extend His love to others. I recently read the following in a devotional:

“When our fulfillment is complete in His love, we have all the resources we need to love others wholly and completely, and we can focus on being rather than doing.”

May we follow Mary’s example of selflessness and love. May we all find fulfillment in God’s love and purpose for our lives, accept the tasks God places in front of us, and without hesitation, jump in and say “Thy will be done” just as Mary did.

~ Carlee Squires

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