ADVENTUS - Praying

“Praying, to me is when we talk to God.”

To praise Him for being with us and for His Love and Grace.

To confess our short falls, AKA sinful things

To left up those who are lost and/or in need

And to let Him know how thankful we are He is in our lives.

Praying gives me HOPE, it gives me STRENGTH, and gives me DIRECTION.

We need to do our best to make praying a priority. It’s a time to quiet our hearts and minds. Practicing these things will change us from the inside out.

Sometimes when I pray I smile for I am happy to share with our God what I think are good things He has given me and sometimes my prayers have tears, this is not just for sad or hard times I face but the Holy Spirit comes down on me and I have one of those moments, “It clicks!, Wow!, Aha!, Frape’!”

I’ve got this God, with you by my side.

As I have gotten older I look at things differently, along with my reactions. I trust in God more than I ever have and with that comes realizing there is HOPE. I ask God to guide me throughout my days so I can be the best person I can on this earth, as I wait for eternal life, He gives me STRENGTH. Also I open my heart in prayer and trust without reservation for His DIRECTION.

We need forgiveness, wisdom, courage, endurance, patience, health, protection, and even love. God promised to come to our aid when He sees us with a hand up, reaching for His assistance. He’ll take care of your needs and then some—blessing your life In ways you can’t even imagine.

Merry Christmas church family,

Cheryl A Marshall

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