ADVENTUS - Receiving

When I hear the word receiving in the weeks preceding Christmas my mind goes immediately to the list of folks I will be buying presents for this Christmas. What would they like? What do they need? Will this bring them joy? After much thought and planning the gifts are carefully wrapped and presented to the recipient.

If a gift had been given to the recipient have they actually received it? As I ponder this word receiving, I have decided it is more than unwrapping a present. In my opinion, unless you incorporate this gift into the fabric of your life you haven’t actually received it.

When looking at definitions of receiving there were interesting meanings that I had not thought about. The first one is the one I already described: to acquire or get something; be a recipient.

The second definition: to welcome guests or admit visitors. Reflecting on the Christmas story this advent season Mary & Joseph were receiving guests and visitors as soon as Jesus arrived, first the shepherds and later the wise men. Are we receiving guests into our homes, churches and lives not just during the holidays but all year long.

The third definition: to partake of the Eucharist, we receive the communion elements. The birth of Jesus at Christmas is the beginning of the story, but his death on the cross is the ultimate sacrifice and gift. When we receive communion we remember and we start fresh telling others about our Savior.

Don’t allow the gift of our Messiah to remain unopened. Receive the gift of salvation that Jesus offers and incorporate Him into every aspect of your life. God offers Jesus to all, but receiving Him is a choice each of us makes as an individual.

John 3:16


Dear Lord,

You are our amazing Creator with the perfect plan for our salvation. You sent your Son to the whole world because you loved us so much. Help us to accept Jesus as our Savior and share Him with others that they can have unspeakable joy and hope only He provides. Thank you so much for this amazing gift, may I never take it for granted.

In Jesus name, Amen

~ Linette Gedon

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