The Advent word for day is Sheep.

In this Season of Advent, you will find a reference to or a picture of Sheep everywhere. Of course, every manger scene will have sheep and shepherds.

A key element to the story of the Birth of Christ and Savior of the World.

Pause. I am told I sometimes, always, stray. Well, here I go. Have you ever wondered that the word sheep is both singular and plural? It should have been if there was just one sheep it would have been a shep. I say that because the people that take care of sheep are called shepherds and not sheepherds.

At this time of year, when I think of sheep, I am actually thinking of lamb. I mean who doesn’t like a good lamb chop. We start every Christmas by going to church for Christmas Eve and then come home for Christmas Eve dinner. Traditionally, I prepare an Italian Lamp Skillet. I use the largest skillet we have, braise the lamb chops with spices, and add sliced potatoes, green beans and palmettoes. The dish is served in the skillet, steaming hot, and shows off the red and green colors of Christmas. It’s a time for family and gathering. A time to gather and be thankful for what we have.

Ok, back to the sheep.

I think is pretty easy to make the connection as to why in the Bible sheep are used as a metaphor. We are the sheep. And like sheep, if it wasn’t for the shepherd, they stray and get lost. When they get lost, something bad happens. When something bad happens to sheep, well, I guess it’s not all bad; we end up with more lamb chops. But for us, it kind of ends up like the world we live in now. Not much middle and too much at the ends. Not a good situation when are all in the same boat during a storm.

Fortunately for us, we have a Good Shepherd to guide us and rein us in. So, my pray for you this day is that may the Good Shepherd be with you and your family this week. May you all take the time to gather together to break bread, eat and be merry.

~ Greg Cappadona

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