ADVENTUS - Surrender

Teenage girl, much too young.

Unprepared for what’s to come.

A baby changes everything.

"A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill

Mary the mother of Jesus was a faithful and courageous young woman. She must have had many fears and doubts when the angel came to her and told her that she would give birth to the Son of God. Yet she surrendered to God’s plan, telling the angel Gabriel “May your word to me be fulfilled”. Luke 1:38. Not only did she surrender, she praised God —see Luke 1:46-56.

We often finds ourselves on paths we are unsure of. With all that 2021 has brought to our lives, it is often hard to journey ahead when we are unsure where God is leading. Like Mary, we can surrender to the unique plan God has for each of us. We can trust Him, and praise Him.

I surrender all.

I surrender all.

All to thee my Blessed Savior.

I surrender all.

Surrender to God’s plan this advent season.

You were made for more than this!!

A baby (Jesus) changed everything.

~ Melanie Matheny

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