ADVENTUS - Thankful


Synonyms – Delighted, Glad, Gratified, Happy, Joyful, Joyous, Pleased, Satisfied, Tickled

Honestly, the word “Thankful” has given me a lot of heartburn, so to speak. I feel like it’s a word we often take for granted, so how do we really put it into words? How should we reflect on what the word means to us? We all have so much to be thankful for! Whether it’s as simple as having food in our bellies or a dry roof over our head, there’s always something to be grateful for.

“Thankful” is one of those words we use so casually. With the Thanksgiving week having just passed, are we truly Thankful? Are we Delighted, Glad, Happy, Joyful, Pleased, Satisfied, even Tickled that Christmas is just right around the corner? Time just keeps going faster, with weeks seeming like days, it’s easy to blink and realize a missed opportunity. God wants us to delight in the His blessings every day and never take anything for granted.

Reflecting to that first Christmas night, could you imagine the excitement? A new baby not just born but born to save us. How could a baby break into our world to save us? God knew from the beginning of time that his one and only son Jesus would free us from Sin. With our noisy world, it’s a blessing to put a pause on everyday routine and reflect on that First Christmas.

Let’s all remember to put our focus on the real reason for the season. God has given us all blessings and many things to be thankful for. We can find true joy and gratitude in our every day lives!

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” —William Arthur Ward

~ Whit Parrish

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