ADVENTUS: Wondering

According to the Oxford Dictionary:

Wondering is characterized by a desire to know something; to be curious.

Sometimes we are in a position where wondering is an inherent part of the situation. This was our experience in September when we were able to travel to Washington to meet our son Alex’s ship as it returned from deployment.

We wondered… how early should we arrive on the base. Where will we park. Will there be a shuttle? Where do we go to meet the ship? And most importantly, where is Alex?

Some of the things we wondered were easily resolved, other required the assistance of strangers how had experienced this before and knew the what to do and how to get there. The final question of where is Alex could only be resolved when he appeared on the gangway.

As the ship approached the pier, we searched the railings looking for our son, but even though we couldn’t wait to see him, we were unsuccessful in finding standing on the side of the ship like everyone else. We continued to wait and search patiently for the first glimpse and were so happy when he finally appeared walking across the gangway. After bunches of hugs, smiles and tears, we learned that the reason we couldn’t see him standing on the side with everyone else was because he was on the bridge guiding the 9,200 ton destroyer into port! It seems our expectations were too small. We looked for what was obvious and never imagined the other possibilities.

Our journey to find Jesus has some obvious parallels.

First we need to show up, you can’t find him if you aren’t present and looking with eyes wide open.

Second, sometimes we need help from others with more experience who already know where to go and where to look. We rely on those with greater wisdom we don’t yet have will allow us to find Jesus more quickly in ways we never imagined possible.

Third, Jesus is the master of doing the unexpected and appearing when we least expect him. So this advent season, let’s remember Jeremiah 29:13

“you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

~ Linette Gedon

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