An Open Letter to the MPUMC Community

An Open Letter on the COVID-19 Crisis

  To the Mt. Pleasant UMC Community

During this time of growing concern over the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to be as transparent with you as possible regarding our plans to do all we can PROTECT our community, to PROVIDE the absolute best spiritual care, support and encouragement, and to be PROACTIVE in caring for the most vulnerable in our community who will be seriously affected by this crisis, both personally and financially. It is our intention to keep you up to date and fully engaged in the work of the church so that together we will become the Light of Christ for all.     On Monday, March 16th, Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church took the unprecedented step of suspending worship gatherings in the main sanctuary on Sunday mornings for the next 2 weeks and have directed the staff to develop an alternative worship experience. This does not mean that our doors are closed or the work will cease, it means we must adapt and find alternative solutions. Our doors are still open and our Sanctuary is still warm, dry and available for personal prayer during the week. I cannot stress enough our need for serious intercessory prayer support from our membership. We are facing a medical crisis that is unique in our history. The Board members are in regular, even daily, contact to address new concerns and find new solutions. We are extremely fortunate to have these spiritual leaders to guide us through a very complicated situation.     It is hard to address every concern in one letter. More will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead. What I can say is that as of Monday, all church gatherings in groups larger than 10 have been suspended for the next two weeks, after which time the Board will reevaluate the situation and modify our response to it.     Mt. Pleasant has always been known for its generosity, compassion and community involvement, that will never change. We are, therefore, creating a Crisis Support Team to oversee the needs of our most vulnerable adults and to care for our shut-ins. To get involved, contact the church office at 304.489.1965 or email us at if you have additional questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Jim Yoder Rev. Dr. Steve Gedon

Leadership Team Chair

Faith Not Fear

Join the Faith Not Fear Prayer Walk this Sunday through Windsor and Oakbrook. We're taking Worship to the streets this coming Sunday at 10:30 am. It's time we start pushing back against the darkness and depressing news. We can do something!

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