Christmas is....

Twelve years ago, I experienced Christmas in an entirely different way. Over nine months pregnant with my son, Luke, I thought a lot about Mary and Joseph that year. The miracle of carrying and delivering a baby is proof of our amazing Creator. It is a beautiful gift that God gives us to have the opportunity to help raise up his children. The idea that He sent His son to be born here on Earth through Mary and Joseph, not a king and queen, just regular people like us is compelling. Christmas is a gift of LOVE; LOVE in the truest form. Our God isn’t an all powerful being that rules over us at a distance. He seeks us out, meets us where WE ARE, and gifts us with His love. I am thankful that God gives me His love in many ways, and that he continues to gift me with love through my son, daughter, family, and friends. It blesses me to celebrate His birth each Christmas season and everyday!

By Amanda Eagle

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