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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church

February 2019

Each year, every United Methodist church submits a report summarizing the health of the church through a few key metrics such as membership, finances, attendance and small groups.  Of course, numbers themselves do not capture the intangibles, the enthusiasm, hospitality and spiritual depth of a community.  It’s easy to fall for the numbers game as the sole criteria for assessing the spiritual maturity of a congregation. Yet behind each number there lies a much bigger story, the story of families, children, widows and singles all longing for a better tomorrow.  Each number is a real person God loves, who has come to our doors looking for hope, help and healing. They’re looking for God and asking us to show them the way.

Let us take a look at some of the truly amazing ways we’ve helped point people to Christ in 2018 before we jump full-steam into 2019!


• Dedication of Resources to Children’s Ministry

• Continued Expansion and Upgrade of Facilities

• Development of a Discipleship Strategy

• Growing Emmaus Community

• Creation of a Learning and Leading Mission Team

• Stronger financial health


• Integration of Visitors and new members

• Small Group Development

• Ministry and Vision Alignment

• Bold, Compelling Vision


• Website Presence Upgrade

• RightNow Ministries

• On-line Giving thru Church App

• Live Streaming of Worship Services

By the Numbers

4 New Members:

• Michael and Carlee Squires

• Jessie and Wesley Riffle

3 Baptisms:

• Andrea Maryann Hanes – 09.23.18

• Lenen Squires– 12.09.17

• Jocelyn Riffle – 10.22.17

6 Marriages

• Sean and Maria Francisco – 09.24.18

• Stephanie and Levi Hill – 07.22.18

• Andy and Cherie Overmiller – 05.06.18

• Teresa and Ryan Ozanick – 09.08.19

• Casey and Jane Stinespring – 07.14.18

• Ethan and Shannon Elswick – 03.17.18

5 Deaths

• Julia Taylor – 01.17.18

• Barbara Wilson – 06.26.18

• Evelyn Hart – 08.28.18

• Helen Ruble – 09.07.18

• Joyce Ann Brown – 12.31.18

Financial (Wkly undesignated giving):

2018                           $7,068

2017                           $7,065

2016                           $6,563

2015                           $6,486


2018 Avg Wkly Attendance       208

2017 Avg Wkly Attendance        210

2016 Avg Wkly Attendance       212

2015 Avg Wkly Attendance       205


Roger Hodges                         $3,351

Jessie Enoch                           $4,806

Johnson Family                      $988

Ministry Impact

Faith Development

8 Emmaus Spiritual Retreat

            “The Case for Christ” Movie and Lent Study

            3 Adult Sunday School Classes, 1 Sunday Evening Bible Study

            15 enrolled in Women’s Thursday Bible Study

            Greeter Training


            Building Extension- $25,000

            Children’s Room Renovations

            Fire Alarm System Upgrade

Children’s Ministry ($3,861)

            102 Vacation Bible School

            12 Students to Summer Camp

Youth Ministry ($7,699)

            Winter Jam & Cedar Point

Family Ministry ($2,073)

            Family Fest (new)

            Back-to-School Reception


KidsHope Ministry

            25 Mentors/Students/Prayer Partners

SakPak Ministry

            97 Children / 57 families

Learning Center

            38 children enrolled, from 37 different families



            Food Pantry              $5,730


            Haiti                           $4.905

            Zimbabwe                $1,600

United Methodist Women

            Clothing Give-Away

            Yard Sale

Nurture & Outreach

            ‘It’s a Boy’ Christmas Yard Signs

            Welcome Bags for Visitors

            Blessing Bags for Shut-ins

            Baby Caps & Prayer Shawls

WV Annual Conference

            100% Fair Share Payout $74,482

            100% District Fund, $1,550

Each year it’s important to take stock of how far we’ve come, the challenges we’ve faced, the dreams we’ve worked toward and the ways we’ve grown closer through it all. It is in these precious moments when a community become a church.

Let’s take a look at three key Characteristics that makes MPUMC unique among all others!


There’s a BIG Reason why…

some volunteers have a deeper commitment

some parents are engaged at a more practical level

some ministries make a greater impact

some churches have wider influence

some leaders leave a lasting impression on us.

It all happens when they make it personal.

Think about it! Things really change when Jesus…

called Zacchaeus by name

addressed the Samaritan woman and her past

spent time in Mary and Martha’s home

invited each individual disciple to follow Him

intercepted Saul on the road to Damascus!

Mt Pleasant makes a huge difference, because we make it personal! We are the church, the Body of Christ others see. When the church gathers to comfort and pray for one another, we’re there. When the church needs volunteers and support, we’re there. When God speaks, we’re listening!


Generous churches believe that when God gives a vision and passion, resources will follow. They are willing to endure the discomfort of the time between identifying what they have and receiving what God provides. Like the children of Israel in the desert, we would prefer to have all the resources we need up front, but we are content to pick up the manna day by day, learning to trust that God has not forgotten our needs as we faithfully follow God’s plan.

The Kingdom of God is the pursuit of a different kind of life, one based on reckless generosity, courage, and community. But like any Kingdom, its ways are foreign to us, its culture distinct, and its values rather shocking. It’s what we call, Counter Cultural. To live here and feel at home among its people, we must be willing to give up our old routines and embrace a different kind of life. The process of learning Kingdom values is called discipleship and it’s what makes a attenders into an army. And yes, it’s very Counter Cultural.

Generosity begins with deep, heart-felt gratitude. We give without reservation or hesitation because of all that God has done for us. We easily give up things we love for things we love even more. Giving up small trinkets, bobbles and toys is nothing compared to living God’s noble purpose. We also give intelligently to bring the kind of change the world needs. We give to please and honor God gift to us in Christ.

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth

if you lost all your money.”  Anonymous

Financial Support (Wkly Average)


Many churches are currently in a siege mentality, hunkering down and riding out the storm of cultural chaos threatening their existence. Such fearmongering, however, strips us of our creativity, enthusiasm and limits our ability to see what God is up to so we can join Him.

People here are continually pushing the boundaries, reaching out and doing more than conventional wisdom would suggest. That’s how we know we’re on the right track. If everyone here looks like you, acts like you, votes like you, believes like you and thinks like you, you’re probably not the church.

We are constantly finding new creative ways to make things better. We’re never satisfied with mediocrity. We can’t think small, safe or simple, there’s too much at stake. We must take bold steps, abandon the easy path, embrace the challenges and watch God in action.

You’ll never read where Jesus said, “Ah, that’s good enough.” We are a creative bunch, finding new innovative way to make strangers feel welcome and make our praise and worship the absolute best it can be. We always enjoy bring our best so others can experience what we already know. Excellence honors God, builds trust and reflects Christ.

On-Line Giving

2018 — $18,005

2017 — $14,555

Live Streaming of Services

Christmas Music Service – 692 views

Learning Center Christmas – 752 views

Church App Usage

Downloads  1305

Sessions  3674

Total Giving $39,868*

People    170

*includes Wednesday Nite dinner purchases


I suppose I could continue to overwhelm you with more numbers and all the gory details, but I think you get the point. These alone tell an impressive story. At this point in time, Mt Pleasant is growing stronger because more people are making faith personal, we’re reaching farther and doing more because more people are giving generously and we’re dreaming big because our God is big.  I don’t think we’ll ever be satisfied or content with mediocrity, and I kinda like that. I’ve always wanted to belong to a faith community like that and I hope you do to!


If you are not currently part of the Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church family, and would like be, please contact us!


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