Disruptive Discipleship

It is so incredibly easy to get sidetracked and see church as another diversion in an already over booked schedule. It is equally as fatal to believe that where you are now is where you are suppose to be, especially if you're comfortable and life is easy. Imagine the situation with Peter, James and John who are fishermen by trade and livelihood they learned from generations of their family. Its who they are. Then Jesus says, "Follow me." Big time disruption. Are you ready for such a spiritual shift, a lifestyle disruption or challenge to your status quo?

But Faith, Church and Worship isn't about entertainment or entitlement, but discipleship that disrupts and redirects our lives. This message is part of our "From Setback to Comeback", series presented at Mt Pleasant United Methodist Church, August 8, 2021. Sermon Notes and Sermon Slides available at www.mympumc.net

MPC 08.08.21 Disruptive Discipleship
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bulletin08.08.21 MPC Twelfth Pentecost
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