Impact Ministries

Wesleyan Model for Life Change


There is a natural tendency to create an US vs THEM separation when charity sees only problems to be fixed, not people to be redeemed. We begin by building connections, making friends and avoiding impersonal handouts. It must be personal to be effective! Strike up a conversation, get a name, know the person’s story, treat everyone with respect.


It is the challenges we face that make us resilient and the obstacles we overcome that push us beyond our fears. Our goal is to restore dignity, develop self-confidence, and be a catalyst for life change by inviting participation.


We live in a broken world of injustice, loneliness and greed. All problems have a spiritual core. By focusing only on the physical, we ignore the relevance of the spiritual / emotional aspects which keeps people trapped in self-defeating, self-loathing behaviors that keeps us trapped.

MPUMC Impact Ministries

Food Pantry SakPak Children’s bags

FaithLink Baby Caps/Blankets

Women’s Care Center KidsHope

Adopt-a-Highway Loads of Love

Blessing Bags Senior Boxes

9 WV Conference Mission Projects Scouting

International Missions

Zimbabwe Haiti

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