I Said THIS - You Heard THAT

"It's not an exaggeration to say that this study improved my marriage, parenting, and work immediately. It's that practical. And that effective." Emily B. Atlanta, Ga

The words you say and the words you hear have the power to shape your entire life!

​And the more sobering thing—the reason for this study—is that your words have the power to shape other people's lives too.

​Before you open your mouth again, learn:

• The words you need to hear from others.

• The words your loved ones need from you.

• The words you're most likely to use as weapons.

• The words that will wound your loved ones.

​The I Said This, You Heard That series of resources will change every conflict and conversation you have—for good.

Download • 440KB

Strengths and Weaknesses
Download PDF • 5.58MB

Words you Need
Download PDF • 4.31MB

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