Open Handed Living in a Tight Fisted World

Why do we need to reimagine church? Because tribalism is on the rise, civility is fading and digital community is everywhere. The Church is not immune from these cultural forces; we are not just another social club or weekend getaway. The recent pandemic has taught us that. We must reimagine faith with new perspective, a community of adventurers, risk-takers, all pulling together to overcome incredible obstacles, together.

God’s ways are so often counter-cultural. Everything in our culture encourages us to put ourselves first – to look out for and look after “number 1.”

Why does our culture promote an attitude which ultimately diminishes us all?

We need to be reminded of God’s priorities and the reason behind them.


Only the Creator knows how to maximize His creation.

MPC 10.18.20 Open Hand Living
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Sermon Notes 10.18.20 Generosity
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