Relaunch Countdown


Last week we sent out an online survey to find out how people are doing spiritually, emotionally and financially. Since I can’t see you very week, I need to create new ways to find out how you’re doing. You did great, by the way! We learned that people are eager to have the church reopen as soon as possible, but are less than enthusiastic about returning. Many said they will be taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to their own personal attendance. We learned that in general most people have good emotional support, although there are a few that are stressed and pray we can gather as a nurturing community soon. There’s more and all results from the survey are available for you to view on the church’s website under the Resources tab.


Each week we there are several groups of people meeting to pray for our church, for a

cure and for our community. We have created prayer vigils, prayer walks and

prayer teams to seek the heart of God in the midst of this crisis. Prayer invites God into our problems and releases the solution to His care. Prayer does not have to be eloquent and wordy, just heartfelt. If you’re interested in learning about or being part of a breakthrough prayer team, fill out the contact information on the website and we’ll get you connected to a prayer team.


We will be continuing our online worship videos for the time being. They can never replace our in-person gatherings. I hope you will join me in thank God for all the readers, musicians and vocalists who selflessly give of their time and talents to bring the Spirit of God to our worship and into our homes.


Each day for the past four months we have posted a new Bible study video on the church’s Facebook and YouTube channels. Each day we focus on one chapter of the Gospels. We are building Biblical literacy by focusing on Jesus’ message and our mission. To date we have posted over 70 videos on the Gospels, Sacraments, and worship. You can find all the videos on the website under the Resources tab or on the church App under media. Thanks to Cassie Kile for her creativity.


How do you measure spiritual engagement in isolation? This is hard in the best of times because people will say what they think you want to hear, but then do something else. So how do you measure spiritual engagement when Christianity is practiced behind closed doors? We use what I like to call the GRATITUDE INDEX. How has gratitude and generosity changed when no one but God knows what you’re really doing, thinking, or feeling?

Gratitude Index = Consistency + Giving + Serving + Learning

How are we doing financially? Currently we have 29 Pushpay Recurring Givers - Goal is 50

Recurring Giving Represents = $1,640 Weekly, $7,110 per Month, $81,320 per Year



On August 2 there will be an Evening of Praise and Worship on the adjacent property at 7:30 pm. It will be an evening of music, prayer and sharing. Preparations are being made to make this a semi-regular outdoor event. Contact Sean Francisco for more information.


On August 2 we will be opening the Main Sanctuary at 9:45 am to view the worship video on the large screen which will be projected at 10 am. This is PRIMARILY for those who do not have internet access at home to view our worship services. We are limiting attendance to 35 max. Contact Greg Cappadona for more information.


Surprised? This is the basic principle of the church, one we like to ignore, control or minimize. Now more than ever, we are learning we must embrace change (albeit kicking and screaming) and to view our faith and our mission more creatively. We can no longer view church as a social watering hole or Sunday morning event. It will either become personal or it will simply fade away. We must not only embrace change, we must create it. We are missional, sent by God to create change, stir the soul and open the heart. We are also evangelistic, we have our own personal stories to tell, So let’s be realistic, whatever we’re planning right now, will probably change! Sorry about that.


“Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in Me.” John 14:1

In such a fearful world, we need a fearless church. I know these are anxious times, overflowing with bad news, but I also know our Father will use even this for His Kingdom and His Glory in ways we never thought of. God didn’t choose to run all this by me beforehand, so I can’t tell you how it will end. I can tell you it will be better than where we are now because I believe we were made for more (Hey, that’s catchy!) Until it does, we have work to do and a clear mission to finish. We will not be governed by FEAR but united by FAITH. We must now trust that God who brought us this far will complete the work through us. We are disciples, our hope is secure, our future certain. Remember this is not an ordinary church, this is MT PLEASANT. Blessings,

Outdoor ReLaunch Team Plans

We agreed that as we plan and coordinate there should be two goals: 1) plan a “soon” to be held, efficient, but safe outdoor praise and worship experience 2) prepare as though this will be something that will be expected to be held semi-regularly and can be done with relative ease. We are looking into the 4H grounds availability just in case our property cannot be ready in time.

1) plan and prepare to hold event August 2, on the church property, at 7:30 p.m.

2) a stage will be placed abutting the hill and parallel to the cemetery, facing Route 14. We want a stage about 25’x15’. Initially Jeff has agreed to place his 3flatbed trailer there (it has similar dimensions), and is willing to leave it for the foreseeable weeks. This will be done coinciding with the next mow. We will be looking into a collapsible/storable stage

3) we will use generator power. We will attempt to obtain 2-3 microgenerators (they are quieter), and we will place them over the bank if we can, running extension cords to the stage. This is also to decrease background noise

4) seating will begin to be marked off 12’-15’ set back from the stage, at 7’x7’ squares, with 10’ of space on all sides between squares. We will try painting these squares with orange construction paint at first, also with the first mow. People must bring their own chairs

5) we will leave enough space on the left and right wings of the property, surrounding the seating area, to accommodate two cars side by side and 3-4 deep. This will be for those that are just too elderly or too sick to make the walk through the field

6) we will suggest masks. We are looking at purchasing some with Mt. Pleasant on the masks

7) we will need 8-10 attendants on the day of service for parking, crossing the road, and assisting those who physically need it

8) we will have bottled water available at a couple different areas of the property

9) we will work on an announcement/invitation message to go out at least a week before the event

10) we will work on a short, formatted message to be read from the stage prior to the beginning of every event. This will be a welcoming message but also one with requests and instructions regarding safety

11) we will assist the praise band in moving equipment to and from the property as they require

12) we will work on obtaining secure storage to be placed on the property in close to the stage

13) we will try and give 24-hour notice of weather cancellation

14) we will prepare for unforeseen pop up weather by having tarps and plastic available. Depending on our stage we will look into acquiring or buying some sort of shell or cover for the stage

15) we love our praise band and want them to be a part of service(s) as much as they want to. However, in order to save them from too much moving and constant play set arrangements we will secure other performers to sing and play.

16) we want this to be as much like a service as possible. Therefore, we will recruit and calendar varying lay members to provide devotional/testimonials/short sermons. We would invite and encourage Pastor Steve to occasionally do so when he feels called. We know his energies and focus are in other places right now, and we support and encourage that.

17) we will try and rent and/or borrow other equipment in case the praise band equipment would become unavailable

2020 Financial Impact Report INCOME

2020 (Jan to Aug.) 2019 (Jan to Aug.)

Undesignated Offering $167,203 ($11,725) $178,928

Payroll Prot. Plan $38,669 --

Designated Income $37,679 $78,353

Total Income $243,551 ($13,769) $257,281

EXPENSES 2020 2019

Apportionments $28,087 ($12,683) $40,770

Others $216,301 ($74,522) $290,8231

(1) This includes $64,000 of capital improvements in 2019

TOTAL INCOME (ytd) $243,551 $257,281

TOTAL EXPENSES (ytd) $216,301 $290,823

$27,210 -$33,541

Digital Resources


PushPay On line Giving: TEXT “MYMPUMC’ TO 77977

Church App Search for MYMPUMC in the App Store.

RightNow Media TEXT “RIGHTNOWMPUMC” TO 41411



Rise & Shine Daily Bible Study available on YouTube & Facebook

Monday Email Sign up on the church website

Indoor ReLaunch Team Plans

To have the main Sanctuary open Sunday, August 2, 2020 for a viewing of the online service. This service will be made available for congregants not able to view the service online.

An invitation will go to the whole church with the understanding of what we are trying to accomplish.

Phone calls will be made to those known not be able to view the online service.

Preparing the Sanctuary:

Starting July 27, cleaning and preparing the Sanctuary will begin.

This will serve as a dual purpose due to the Annual Conference being held at MPUMC, August 1.

After the conference ends on Saturday, a thorough clean will be completed.

The Front doors will be propped open. (Entrance)

The Exit will be thru the Emergency doors on the right side of the front on the Sanctuary.

Automatic dispensing hand sanitizers will be placed throughout the Narthex.

Signage will be placed to maintain social distancing and places to sit.

Signage will be placed on restroom doors for one occupant at a time.

I-Wave Air Purifying Systems will be installed next week. (3 at $800, ea)

Expectation: Restore hope and optimism that the church is pressing forward.

We expect to have a small turnout, but will limit the number to 25. Those attending will be asked to socially distant and wear masks.

Attendees will be asked to come ten to fifteen minutes early so updates and other online, Facebook postings can be viewed.

Purpose: to learn how to handle people and the Sanctuary in a safe, respectful way and to move toward opening the church again.

For more information contact Greg Cappadona (304.481.4957 or

Pearl Buchanan at 304.489.2381

Leadership Team NOMINATIONS

The MPUMC Discipleship Board is accepting nominations to fill two (2) vacancies that are currently open. You may nominate yourself or someone from the congregation by requesting a nomination form from the church office.

Reports to: Chairperson of the Leadership Board

Primary Function: To provide strategic leadership and direction for Mt. Pleasant UMC and align all ministries and functions with the mission and vision of the church.


Exemplify Christian Discipleship (Lead by Example)

· CONSISTENT devotional life consisting of daily prayer and Biblical engagement

· Faithful WORSHIP attendance

· Engaged in a SMALL GROUP

· Consistently SERVE through the church in mission and ministry

· Contribute FINANCIALLY: consistently, proportionally, sacrificially

· MODEL a positive, enthusiastic, light-of-Christ spirit

Mission Alignment and Fidelity

· Ensures that the mission of Mt. Pleasant UMC to “connect people to Jesus, make disciples, transform the world” is the top priority of the church each year.

· Evaluates the success of the church’s ministries with alignment to the vision, mission and annual advances.

· Is willing to ask difficult questions, challenge current practices, and recommend changes so that the church can effectively fulfill its mission and vision.

Contact the church office for more information. 304.489.1965

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