The Dark Horse

Four Questions of God’s Purpose

Ehud’s story (Judges 3) illustrates four basic principles that led him to discover God’s purpose for his life, and ultimately to change the course of history. If we ask ourselves these four questions, we too can zero in on what God has in store for us:

1. What bothers me (deeply, spiritually) about this world?

What are your passionate about?

What injustices, pride and greed get under your skin?

2. What do I have to offer?

Past Experiences – what you have learned the hard way that would help others

Personal Gifts and Talents – what are your unique gifts, talents, passions.

Perspective and Inspiration – God given insights

3. Am I willing to take a risk?

What does it mean to me? Really?

4. Who is waiting for me to act?

Sermon Notes 02.21.21
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