The Last Remnant 1

When Elijah was at the end of his ropes, burned out, and in despair that God's people had not responded to the call to action, Elijah retreated to a cave to die. When confusion and chaos reign supreme it seems like God is absent and nothing really matters. What's the point?

God tells Elijah that there is another plan that Elijah knows nothing about. A plan that uses a remnant to restore peace and justice. Perhaps the confusion Elijah has been experiencing were to reveal who is the remnant and who is the crowd.

Of course this passage, from 1 Kings 19, begs the question of Christians all around the world, Are we part of the Last Remnant? How would you know? What Does God consider the essentials for faithful readiness and willingness?

Sermon Notes 01.09.22 Last Remnant
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