What's So Special About Christmas?

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday on Earth. Every December half the globe puts up lights and trees, makes special foods, exchanges gifts, attends parties, travels to see family, and talks about peace on Earth.

But why? What’s so special about Christmas?

Ironically, most people who celebrate Christmas do not understand what makes it so special. To many people, Christmas is nothing more than gifts and Santa Claus or a nice season to have parties. Oh, they do know that somewhere in the background the holiday is tied to the baby Jesus, but their knowledge somehow never reaches their hearts. Jesus gets thrown in the basket along with decorations, cookies, and presents.

The problem with this thinking is that Jesus never becomes anything more than a baby in a manger. And if Jesus is nothing special, then neither is Christmas. The beauty of the holiday rests on the beauty, grandeur and glory of the Savior. If we miss the beauty of our Savior, we miss the beauty of Christmas. If we come for the show but fail to see the sacrifice, we miss the salvation! Where do you stand?

Join us for this special Christmas sermon series where we will answer the question, “What Is So Special About Christmas?”

Sermon Notes 12.26.21 Special Christmas
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MPC 12.26.21 Whats so Special about Christmas
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