Where Do We Go from Here?

Faith is more than wishful thinking, a wing and a pray, or a shot in the dark. Great people of faith knew what they believed and responded with solid convictions that are so lacking in our generation. How do we get the confidence, and the courage that went with it back? Let's get started!

WHAT IF YOU SAW the world differently? Imagine you are an explorer of uncharted time and territory. God’s hand guides everyday events and encounters. Steadied by your convictions, you remain disciplined and relentless, seeking wisdom in every step and from fellow travellers. You shun the blur of activity, the fickle opinions and cultural fads and decaf coffee! You learn to travel light in pursuit of a noble purpose.

MPC 09.19.21 Ready for a Comeback
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bulletin09.19.21 MPC Seventeenth Pentecost
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