Sunday, August 18 - Revival: Living Beyond Ordinary

As Christians, sometimes, we become much like Simba. Life drives us to our own desert oasis' and we get stuck there. We build our life of no worries. While we may be comfortable with the lives we have built and might be comfortable simply showing up every Sunday or so, we need to understand that we were made for more than that.

Like Simba, we are heirs to the Kingdom. Our Father is calling us back. We are morethan what we've become. We musttake our place in the Circle of Life. We need to take the advice of Mufasa and remember who we are. We are children of the one true King and as children of the one true King, we are to take our place as heirs to the Kingdom.

As heirs to The Kingdom of God, we not only have the gift of life eternal, but we also have the responsibility to participate in the Kingdom; to help others realize that they too are loved by God and that God wants them to be His children and part of the Kingdom as well.So, look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become. Remember who you are. You are God's child and an heir to God's Kingdom. Go take your place.


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