Why Here?

Changing the way people think about church, and themselves because you were

We are a gathering of people who are constantly exploring and continually discovering that there is so much more to life when following Jesus, together. We know from experience that nothing is more energizing or fulfilling in life than serving God with friends!


Made for More

There is an optimistic, even playful attitude that flows from a joyful Spirit in worship.

There is a common vision that creates a sense of purpose and unity.

A hospitality that maintains community while still warmly embracing and including new faces.

Generosity that invests in new and creative ministries in order to grow and change lives.

People who accepts ministry as the privilege and responsibility of all disciples.


We are Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church. The church is not the building; rather, the church is people. We are the church. We believe that you are Made for More. Come join us to have that belief realized in yourself!



PO Box 37

62 Turkey Foot Rd

Mineral Wells, WV 26150


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